Wawa in Elizabeth, NJ

Garden State Reflections

After returning to New Jersey for university, little did I know I’d spend six of the next seven years living and working in America’s Armpit. Like all places, NJ has its pros and cons. Here’s a few things to know before you make the move to the Garden State. Diners By far and large one […]

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Nudists Welcome

Boxers or Briefs on the Road?

It’s an age old argument for every man out there. Do you wear boxers or briefs? It applies to every person but even more so to travelers. You’ve got limited space in your pack so serious decisions must be made. Boxers Pro’s – Dry fast following laundry day. Allows healthy breeze when wearing shorts. Con’s – […]

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Beautiful Hvar is only reachable by ferry.

Budget Transport in Central and Eastern Europe

Most people backpacking in Europe default to the Eurail Pass – a prepurchased item allowing you to book several train tickets throughout Western or Eastern Europe. Ralph from JourneyWonders.com gives a simple and straightforward description of the pass here. For my most recent trip in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, I strongly considered going with […]

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The Kravice Waterfalls visit came with a tour near Mostar.

My 20 Minute Travel Workout

I was never blessed with natural talent in any sport. I’m the guy who scores own goals in soccer, constantly gets the ball stolen in basketball, and I’m one at-bat away from the “strike out king” title in my alma mater’s intramural softball league – Thanks Shawn! Since I’ve never been the most skilled, I’ve always […]

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Motorbikes and Minibuses.

First Six Things Learned in Kigali

Dropping below the equator for a few weeks to visit an old friend proved interesting from the start. Here’s some things learned in Kigali so far: Mosquitos are Thugs These mosquitos are straight thugs. You know how most mosquitos only appear in the evening or morning? With increases in world trade the Asian Tiger Mosquito has […]

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