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Weird World

As a kid, I loved reading books about unsolved mysteries, awkward incidents, unexplained phenomenons, and local legends. My family would frequent oddball museums to get the inside scoop on the town. I distinctly remember visiting the Long Beach Island Historical Museum¬†every year vacationing on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Every year I’d walk over to the museum to read about the 1916 Shark Attacks which swept the Jersey Shore into a frenzy or the rise and fall of Tucker’s Island – New Jersey’s real life Atlantis.

Community history offers a deeper understanding of your surroundings more so than anything else. Therefore it’s not just the violent or strange incidents that make a town, but the obscure historical standpoints which shape a place to be what it is today.

Milan Canals

As an adult, I still treasure the odd, unfamiliar, and community histories to be found everywhere. I love researching and visiting these places all over the world – sometimes it even gives you a look into local cultures. Here’s a some of the places I’ve visited over the years and what makes them part of this Weird World.