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Growing up in a family of fourteen kids has plenty of benefits.  You always have your best friends around, they know you better than anyone else, and they will always have your back no matter what.  However, it was not conducive to traveling.  It was hard enough getting everyone out the door for school in the morning, let alone planning a trip anywhere.  Therefore seeing bits and pieces of the world has always been in the forefront of my mind.

From the walls of Castel Sant'Elmo the entire bay is visible.  You can see Vesuvius on the left and the Isle of Capri on the far right.

That’s me in Naples, Italy. Good views, better pizza.

Did you ever read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?  No?  Yes?  Well, you should.  In fact, go read it now, then come back and read this blog.  I always held Ford Prefect as the epitome of a traveling writer.  My dream was to write for the Guide.  Unfortunately, I have yet to be contacted by their HR department.  People tell me that Douglas Adam’s work was a fiction.  Belgium bummer.

Until the Guide gets their act together to beam me out of this place, I’m settling to write for the people of Earth with this fascinating account of my travels and experiences in the world.  Perhaps this isn’t your cup of tea – I’m in love with this German winter blend at the moment.  These experiences include; historical backgrounds on monuments and sites, places and things to eat, general lifestyle highlights, travel tips, and probably a good amount of other nonsense.  But if you enjoy reading, need something to distract you from that 9 to 5, and perhaps posting a comment or two, I’m all ears.

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