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The REAL Park Tavern Burger

Update – The previous offending photo has been removed by the writer and changed to a more suitable option.

This is a direct response to the blasphemy put on Buzzfeed yesterday, April 28.  See article here.

First, as a resident of Jersey City for five years, I find it appalling the author failed to highlight anything outside of the Downtown area save for two items.  Where’s Indian Square?  Or Coach house diner with unlimited potato salad?  Brownstone Diner is downtown, but it’s a goddamn hallmark and he didn’t touch it.  I will give Matt White Mana – boss as all hell sliders for cheaper than dirt prices.  Many a night spent drinking in the Jersey City Heights inevitably ends with a trip to White Mana.  It’s also a highly convenient spot to pick up lunch while filling up your tank at some of the cheapest gas stations around on Route 1+9/Tonnelle Avenue.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY is the ultimate disrespect this writer (Matt Kiebus) and Buzzfeed paid to the most glorious of watering holes around, Park Tavern.  Check Number 3 on the list.  Seriously, what is that shit?  That burger looks like “it came out of a college cafeteria” as a friend put it earlier today.  The Park Tavern burger is a right of passage in a person’s life, as much as a person’s first beer or cigarette.  They come in a basket with fries and pickles, not on a  plate.  Get some fried onions, bacon, and cheese on it.

Get real son.  It is an absolute disgrace that you would fail to highlight very few things outside of the Downtown area in Jersey City…and then proceed to fail at getting proper images of items.  For Christ’s sake, it’s not as if it took you that long to write that list.  I know the image comes from  It’s either a fake or part of some photo shoot they did when deciding the best burger in JC.  If you really want to extol the virtues of Jersey City, the least you could do is get people proper photos to view of this glorious lunch/dinner option in its natural habitat.  Plus then you’d be able to get yourself a fine ass meal.

For people who are wondering what a Park Tavern Burger really looks like here’s a couple images:

Park Tavern Burger

Up close and personal Park Tavern Burger.

Park Burgers

My friend Greg and I enjoying victory Park Tavern Burgers.

I think Park Tavern goers should start posting pics of the best burger in the world so people really know what’s up.

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