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Ten Times I Should’ve Died in Africa – Part Four

This post is continued from Ten Times I Should’ve Died in Africa – Part Three.

Sundown in Kenya

Sundown in Kenya

King K. Rool Doesn’t Like Photos

In the game of “How Close Can You Get” – this might be the actual winner for proximity to an animal. I’d like to foreword this by reiterating I’m an my idiot.

Hanging by some natural springs in Tsavo National Park, I sat down on a log to rest in the hot sun. As the sun continued to burn my pale skin, I noticed a slight movement to my right – only to spot a baby crocodile also enjoying the sun not 10 feet from me. Granted this opportunity by the photography gods, I decided to see how close I could get for a photo op.

The little bugger moments before taking a snap at me.

The little bugger moments before taking a snap at me.

Well just so everyone knows it’s in the 3-5 feet range when a young crocodile decides they don’t like paparazzi and will take a snap at you. Jumping backwards I fell over, expecting to be set upon by a fledgling crocodile only to see him/her swimming away into the stream with a wide grin.

Elephant Junction

The sun was setting over the beautiful African landscape. It was one of those completely perfect sunsets, except that out vehicle was stuck in a ditch. Sitting on top of the car (which had a cage mounted over the truck bed), I peered over the bushland around us as the driver and co-pilot discussed our options for getting out.

Spotting an elephant in the distance, I alerted my fellow adventurers of his existence in case they felt like taking a look. These guys had both grown up in Kenya, so they merely told me to let them know of his movements. The largest living terrestrial animal crashed his way through the bush not far from our car. I’m not sure if it’s because of their size and strength, but elephants love to break shit. They’d be your worst enemies in a mosh pit.

This bull finally broke free of the bush about 50 feet behind our car. I updated my friends of his movements, and a hush came from the compartment. The yet fully grown male could easily make the car a toy. He moved his head from side to side, clearly trying to make a decision. In the end, he didn’t want us around. I yelled at the other two as he began to charge – quickly jumping back into the caged rear of the Land Rover. I reached for my camera just in time to snap a picture of the charging animal.

They move way faster than you'd ever expect.

They move way faster than you’d ever expect.

Meanwhile, the driver bellowed as loud as he could “HEY YOU FUCK OFF!”

To my complete surprise, the elephant stopped in his tracks and ran off into the bush. He emerged onto the road again minutes later nay to take off in the opposite direction. I guess despite their love of breaking shit, they just can’t tolerate loud neighbors.

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