Fitzmagic Travels

Destinations by Continent

Below you can find the continents I’ve visited and written about. Click through to find the country lists for each continent and the material written about each one.

Coves like this sit all along the coast just waiting to be explored.

Random Facts:

  • Lived in – Youngstown, OH / Jersey City, NJ / Potsdam, Germany
  • Northernmost City: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Westernmost City: Ocean Shores, WA – USA
  • Easternmost City: Darwin, Australia
  • Southernmost City: Darwin, Australia
  • Countries Visited: 52
  • Continents Visited: 5
  • American States Visited: 16
  • Oceans Swam in: 3 – Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian
  • Miles Traveled: Re-Calculating…

Continents Visited:

Fitzy Travels Map

Blue is the places I’ve been. Orange I have yet to see.

North America

I grew up in the United States and that’s my current passport.


After living there for nearly a year and two separate backpacking stints on the continent, I’ve amassed several familiar locations.


Three months living and traveling in East Africa and a few more visits in the northern part of the continent.


I had to get from Mumbai to Himalayas. Then there was an extended layover in Southeast Asia.


Currently living and working in Australia until further notice. Do not currently have any material.

Continents Yet to Visit:

South America

I’ll have to learn Spanish at some point.


How do you even get here?