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13 Cheap Bastard Tips To Save Money For Travel – Part Two

This post is continued from 13 Cheap Bastard Tips To Save Money For Travel – Part One.

6. Get Roommates

Living by yourself?  Well that’s a bad idea.  Not only do roomies increase your human interaction and numerous problem solving skills, but it also cuts rent and other bills by half.

7. Coffee

Along with bringing your own lunch, start drinking coffee at home or at the office. There’s no need to hit up Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or other cafes every morning – unless you’re in Vienna, always go to the cafes in Vienna.

Euro Coffee is better. Hands down.

Making coffee at home is much cheaper, even if you want to buy nicer or more exotic brands.  You might find something you really enjoy.  I really liked Pilvax – it’s Hungarian.

Most jobs/offices will have free coffee and tea.  It sucks, but hey it’s free. If your work provides nasty shit coffee, bring your own and brew. If you drink coffee at home, picking up a grinder and whole beans in the store saves money in the long run.

8. Drinking/Going Out

Alcohol is always a wallet drainer. I love beer. I love trying new kinds of beer. I buy beer in the store rather than going for a pint because bars charge an arm and a leg for beers, and they basically get your first born child for liquor.  Having it at home is always cheaper, or you could just go without it.

Skip the beers at the bar so you can have some on safari instead.

Skip the beers at the bar so you can have some on safari instead.

9. Always Make a Budget

Not one day goes by that I don’t check my monthly budget. It’s important to keep complete track of where all your money is going – it’ll help you find more items to cut out. I’m always looking to see how I can squeeze a few more pennies into my savings account.

10. Speaking of Savings Accounts

Keep Savings and Checking accounts at different banks.  Go deposit your predetermined amount into the Savings as soon as you get paid.  This way you won’t be tempted to transfer money from savings to checking.

11. More on Banking – ATM’s

Only use your bank’s or a partner bank’s ATM’s. The amount of money people lose on ATM fees scares me.  With just a little bit more planning you can save plenty of cash on each of those ATM trips. Borrow cash from friends or family rather than pull money out of expensive ATM’s at the bars. Use things like Venmo or Paypal to pay others for cash if you can’t find your own ATM.

12. Compare Prices

It’s still amazing to me how many people have no idea how to properly shop in grocery stores. Always check the unit price and be aware of sales ads to get the best deals.  Also buy in bulk if you have the means, it’s going to really make a difference in the long run.

13. Cook at Home

Whenever I’m talking to other 20-somethings I’m always surprised how few of them don’t know how to cook, or simply choose not to because they don’t enjoy cooking. I take this to mean they don’t want to learn a great life skill. It’s incredible how much money people drop on take out nowadays.

Learn to cook all those dishes you tried abroad.

Learn to cook all those dishes you tried abroad.

Cooking is desirable skill and one I constantly use both at home and traveling.

14. Start More Cost Efficient Hobbies

Any hobby or sport can become expensive, but some lend themselves to be cheaper. Basketball, soccer, and long distance running are all examples of much cheaper sports with equipment costs under $100. Buy a used a instrument and teach yourself how to play. There’s infinite opportunities to entertain and better yourself without spending money. You’ll also find these type of talents to be helpful making friends abroad. Soccer is the world’s sport and music is the international language. What do you have to lose?

Learning to conserve your currency will go a long way both at home and on the road. What are some ways you save money?

I like to hear from readers.